The kids vacuum that really works!

When my kids were younger and it seemed like I was doing 10,000 things and nothing was getting done, this was one of my favorite thing to do to keep the house clean.

Depending how big the mess was, I'd grab a box or a wagon, start in the front of my house and start throwing EVERYTHING in.

You will feel instantly accomplishment!

Then, when I get more free time, I like to sit down with a couple of other boxes and separate everything into categories (donate - trash - specific room - etc.) so that it’s easy to put away, give away or trash!!

It vacuums AND mops at the same time!!!!!
I have enough to do around the house!  
It is one of the best purchases I've ever made.  It has made my life so much easier!
Thank you Bissell for making this!

This has made a huge different in the amount of stuff that gets lost AND now I don't have to clean under the couch anymore!

It is so easy to do!!

All you need is:
Tape Measure (I didn't use this lol)

Measure, cut & tape!