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I help moms spend more time with their kids through play and learning!

 I'm so glad you found me!  I can't wait to go on this journey with you!

Hello!  My name is Jeni, I am a stay-at-home mom to two littles, 18 months apart, and life is CRAZY!!
I love being a mom and I love watching my kids learn and grow (who doesn't?!?!).  

My passion is creating learning activities that are fun and outside of the box. 

I've learned so much on this journey! From play time to learning to juggling all of the things! If you are feeling lost, overwhelmed, stressed or just looking for more ideas, I'm here to help you!

Live a life you love.

Self care, relationship building, kids, home, dinner, and routines.
Learn how to juggle

Make Learning Fun & Get Social!
Whether you have a toddler or you homeschool, this course will help you create themed learning days that will get your child excited to learn and provide a setting to build friendships with other kids!

Whether you love schedules or not, I got you!
Here is my Weekly Cleaning Schedule & my best tips for getting your house clean!

Whether you have a toddler or are a homeschooler,
check out my 7 tips for keeping your child
excited to learn and socialized!
 Join the Community.
Meet other moms, share activities and
get an inside look at my daily life!