Let's start with self-care because we need mom functioning at her best!
If mom isn't feeling amazing then it is all down hill from here.  

Self-care looks different as a mom.  Luxurious self-care daycations are a thing of the past... at least on a regular basis but, just for this very short season of your life.  Learn how to take short self-care pauses throughout the day.  Close your eyes, scroll through social media, take a bath, wake up a couple minutes early and drink your coffee, go for a walk... 

Be mindful in the time that you take. Take it all in. 

If you are like me, getting time in with your spouse is not easy!

You're both tired and sometimes there is so much to do that date night always gets pushed to the back burner.


 Having a schedule has been super helpful for us!  Here is a copy of the Daily Schedule I use.  We all live different lives so if you would like to customize this to fit your schedule, click the link below.

Another thing I do to have fun and educate my kids is themed learning days.  
I created a course to help you organize your own FUN, HANDS-ON and AFFORDABLE themed learning days without the stress!  

Here is a copy of my cleaning Schedule!

In the video above, I talk about the two products that have helped me so much around the house.

I love it because it vacuums and mops at the same time!
It has been amazing for managing the dog hair as well.
I use it every single day because the kids are CONSTANTLY making messes.  I have it ready to go 24/7!
I highly recommend this!

Think about the cleaners you are using around your house.
You are absorbing these cleaners through your skin and inhaling them while you are cleaning, walking around, touching things...
AND if you have young kids, they are dropping things and putting things in their mouths...
It is ALL bad.

Check how your cleaner rates at EWG.org

What I love about this cleaner is that it is:
Plant-based and you can clean everything in your house with this one bottle. Just dilute it more or less depending on what you are cleaning.
You can even put it in your Bissell Crosswave!

Contact me to get $25 off your starter kit!

Before you pass up this section because you aren't vegan, neither is my spouse!
He has tried and loves all of the recipes I add to my website but sometimes he will add chicken to his meal.
Check out some of my favorite recipes HERE.
Check back regularly for more recipes. 


Information courtesy of Jeni Utley