Sink or float? It's a question we've all pondered at one point or another. But did you know that there's a scientific reason behind why some things sink while others float? It has to do with buoyancy and density. And what better way to learn about these concepts than with a hands-on activity? That's why I've put together this fun and educational sink or float worksheet for preschoolers. With a variety of objects to try, your little ones will have a blast learning about science!

Here's what you'll need for this activity:
-A large bowl or container filled with water
-A selection of small objects
-The Sink or Float worksheet and pencil for each child

Sink or Float Activity -Instructions
1. Fill your container with water. 
2. Collet 5 objects. Look around your house for things like: Lego blocks, plastic balls, toy cars, and feathers. You can use whatever you have around the house!  Even extra Halloween candy or food.
3. Let your child explore and predict which objects will sink or float. Will the Lego blocks sink or float? What about the plastic balls? The toy cars? The feathers?
4. Once your child has had a chance to predict which objects will sink or float, it's time to test their predictions! Help them place each object into the water one at a time and observe what happens. Which objects sank? Which ones floated?
5. Talk about why some objects floated while others sank. What properties do the objects that floated have in common? Do they have anything in common with the objects that sank? This is a great opportunity to talk about buoyancy and density with your child! 

Customize it to fit your needs and let your child explore, predict, and test their predictions! They're sure to have a blast while learning about science!

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