February is a great time to teach kids about love and kindness.

These Valentine's Day activities will help your child learn and have fun this holiday!

I personally love doing themed days, weeks or months because, even if you are doing similar things, adding the holiday twist to it helps your child to refocus.

First let's talk about books.   With any theme, I always start with a book.  Books help you learn about the theme so your child gets the basic idea of what you are about to dive into.

I've been loving the Epic app for my kids... especially these day, when going to the library isn't convenient.  The Epic app has a ton of books to choose from.  I can search the topic and I can filter my search by my child's age (there are many other filter options).  On many of the books, there is a quiz at the end.  I have a three year old so it's been fun seeing how much she remembers from the books.

Pinterest is your friend.  If you aren't following me on Pinterest, you are missing out.  I have all of my themes organized so that it is easy for you to choose the activities you love the most and create your own Valentine's Day fun!  I love Pinterest because it helps me stay super organized.  I don't think there is anything you can't find on Pinterest.  

If you haven't seen my blog post on this topic, check it out HERE!

This is the easiest craft.  I was even having so much fun with it.  And the best part is you probably have everything you need!

All you need is a toilet paper roll and red (or your favorite color) paint.  

Now, squish the roll so that, the bottom points out and the top caves in, like a heart.  See picture at the top of this post if you need a visual. 
My friend just told me her toilet paper roll wasn't staying in the shape of a heart so she used a rubber band to hold it in place.  Genius!

Then, dip one end in paint and stamp away on paper.  


You can use these premade math hearts for learning numbers, counting, or math.  OR create your own with markers or candies.

A fun game the whole family can enjoy.
I provide you with hearts that you can cut out for markers.  Or M&M's come out with a pink and red bag for the holiday that you can use.  

This is also a great way to teach kids patience and to be okay with not winning all of the time. 


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