Keep up with the spirit of the season with the fun and festive "Cut Santa's Beard" Scissor Activity for preschoolers. This activity is a fantastic way for kids to develop their fine motor skills while adding festive decorations to your home.

Once you have your prints, cut out each Santa's face and hand over the scissors to your preschoolers.  Let them cut along the dotted lines.

Once your preschooler has finished cutting, they can hang their completed Santas up on the wall or continue cutting each piece shorter and shorter until it is the length they like or until it is all the way off.  

Then, you can print again and start over or An adult can cut Santa's beard completely off, taping a white paper in its place and giving the children space to create their own beard design with scissors. Kids can cut freely, creating their unique beard designs, and use their imaginations while having fun.

This activity helps children develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The task of cutting along a straight line is crucial in improving a child's motor skills. By cutting through paper, you are helping them develop coordination and control of their wrist movements, hands, and fingers.

So, what are you waiting for? Get those scissors out and start creating unique-looking Santa's this season. 

Happy Cutting and Happy Holidays!

Xx Jeni



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