Today we’re going to dive into an activity that not only enhances your preschoolers' fine motor skills but also sprikles in a little bit of magic and sensory play.  
Sensory finger tracing!  A fun and hands-on activity to help your preschooler learn the alphabet, their name, numbers, shapes, and sight words. 

Here's your guide to creating and using this mesmerizing tool. Let’s get started!


Start with a piece of paper and your marker. 
Write letters, your child's name, numbers, shapes, or sight words. 
Don’t worry about being overly neat; this is a tool for learning and fun, not a work of art! Next, use your hot glue gun to trace the lines on the paper creating a 3D effect. 
Before the glue dries, sprinkle the glue with sand or salt. You now have a tactile, visual, and interactive learning tool.

As your child traces the letters, talk about whether they are uppercase or lowercase, and talk about their sounds. 

As your child traces the letters of their name, talk about how the first letter is uppercase.  Make sure they say each letter as they trace it.  

As your child traces the numbers, have them say the number or even count to the number. 

Have your child trace the shape and then find the shape around the room they are in.  Talk about the shape.  How many sides does it have?  Where else might we see this shape in the world?

Have your child trace the sight words, say the letters, and say the word.  Can you use the sight word in a sentence?

Benefits of Sensory Finger Tracing
This activity isn't just about fun; it’s also a sneaky way of reinforcing early writing skills:
Fine Motor Development: As children follow the finger tracing lines, they are also developing the fine motor skills necessary for future writing.

Sensory Engagement: The texture provides a unique sensory experience that aids in memory retention.

Simultaneous Learning: Sensory finger tracing isn't limited to shapes; you can also use it to teach letters, numbers, and more!

Safety First
Remember, while sand and salt are non-toxic, they can be a tad messy. Make sure the activity is supervised, and the materials are not accessible to younger siblings or pets.
Also, make sure an adult does the hot glue and the hot glue gun is put up and out of reach.  

So gear up, get the tools, and let’s turn learning into an adventure for those curious little minds!

This is one of the activities from my activity book: Pre-K The Fun Way
The book contains many fun and engaging activities that help your child learn while having fun.

Xx Jeni



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