Whether you've already lost control of your house or you're just starting your preschool adventure, decluttering is the best thing you can do!  Having a clean and organized house will help you to have a clear mind and stay focused on what's really important.

Before we start homeschooling, we already have a lot of “stuff”.  It's not your fault, toddlers just have a lot of stuff!  Minimizing the clutter will make a huge difference moving forward.  Especially moving forward into preschool.

Preschool is a time of FUN and it’s a lot of hands-on activities.  How would you like to buy the things you need for your homeschool year and have an organized place for it?  

Keep in mind that with holidays, birthdays and growing kids, decluttering will always be happening.  
Toys are everywhere!  You will have a toy dilemma for a couple more years so here are some questions to ask yourself:
  • Do you really need ALL of the toys? 
  • What do your kids play with?
  • What is collecting dust?
If your child really does love all of their toys, you can look into doing a toy rotation to help you minimize what is out or a check out system to help with toy control.
Decluttering goes beyond toys.  Look at all of the things around the house too! Go through everything and say good bye to all of the things you don't need.  This might free up a space to store your things you actually use, more neatly.  

Look inside your cabinets, closets, and on all of the shelves.  
You have a couple of different options for getting rid of your stuff.

  • Donate it.
  • Have a yard sale to make some extra cash!
  • Take what you can to a consignment store.
  • Give it to friends and family.
  • Sell it online.   Try: Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, or other online selling platforms.
The less you have, the less you have to pick up.  
If you really don't need it, why keep working around it? 

I want to talk about the holidays and birthdays because this is where we accumulate a lot of extra “stuff”.   I know our kids love these times and I don’t want to take away from their happiness but one suggestion is to changing what you ask for.  

At this age, kids love the indoor playgrounds, eating at their favorite restaurant, getting ice cream, or getting to choose what that do for the day.  

With that said, ask for gift cards to your child’s favorite places rather than toys.  Don’t tell everyone to bring a gift card so that your child can still have toys to open.  

Kids love getting out and having fun.  Toys are nice but, they can only entertain the kids for so long.  I love the thought of my kids telling me they are bored and me saying, “let’s go get some ice cream” or “let’s go let out some energy at the indoor playground”.  


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