This was such a fun activity!!  I am so glad we ended up doing it while my little guy took a nap.
This probably would have been a little stressful if he was awake for this because he wants to touch everything.  So, just a warning if you have a little one around while you are doing this experiment.

This is a great activity if you are teaching your child about: 
  • Rainbows
  • St. Patrick's Day
  • Colors (primary colors or secondary colors)
  • Science...
  • Or if you just want a fun and easy activity to do at home.

  • Bowls or cups
  • Water
  • Food coloring
  • Paper towels 

Line up 7 bowls or cups. 

In bowl #1 and bowl #7, add red food coloring.  
The amount of drops will depend on the size of your container but you should only need a few drops. 

In bowl #3, add yellow food coloring. 

In bowl #5, add blue food coloring. 

Next, add water to the bowls with food coloring. 

Fold paper towels lengthwise, twice.  
Then fold them in half to create a crease.  
You can cut them in half like I did if you have smaller bowls.  

Place the paper towel in the bowls.  
Place one end of the paper towel in bowl #1 and the other end in the empty bowl #2.  
Then bowl #2 to bowl #3.  Bowl #3 to bowl #4... etc. 

The water will be absorbed by the paper towel and transferred into the empty bowls where the two colors will be mixed to create the missing colors of the rainbow. 

You may have to add more water if you notice that the water isn't transferring to the other bowls enough.


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