Music and early learning are like two peas in a pod — they just can’t seem to do without each other. And when it comes to preschool kids, nothing makes learning the essentials more fun than turning it into an orchestra of knowledge. Let's learn the ABCs, colors, numbers, shapes, and sight words through the beats and bangs of a DIY drum.

  • Pots and pans.  Add in any other fun-sounding things you have around your house.  Coffee cans, boxes, etc.
  • Wooden spoon(s)
  • Subject flashcards
Turn over your pots and pans and label each one with a flashcard. 
grab your wooden spoons, and voila — you’ve got a drum set!

Call out a letter, number shape, etc., and your little drummer hits the corresponding pot. Or, switch it up and let them play a tune of their creation.

Let the Learning Beat Begin:
Preschoolers thrive on repetition and rhythm, which is why this activity nails the two-in-one learning approach. As they drum and learn, the repetitive nature of music can reinforce the memorization of key concepts. 

The kinesthetic component — moving and tapping — can help solidify these connections in their developing brains.

If your little one prefers to sing their way through letters and numbers, let them vocalize their hits. The combination of auditory, visual, and physical engagement fosters a multi-sensory learning experience that’s rich and rewarding.

  • Enhances Memory and Multitasking: By linking subjects to actions or responses, kids are activating more areas of their brain, improving cognitive function and the ability to do more things at once.
  • Improves Hand-Eye Coordination: Hitting the right pot at the right time is a great way to sharpen those motor skills.
  • Boosts Confidence: Every hit they make is a little celebration. Each successful response to a subject reinforces knowledge and builds confidence.
The band is set, and the drums are ready. Drumming with subjects is a fantastic way to make learning a rollicking, interactive experience.  It's all about engaging with education in a way that resonates with them. 

Combine the beat of music with the sounds of learning, and watch as your little one taps into a world of knowledge! Happy drumming!

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Xx Jeni



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