Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year!

Last year, when my kids were one and three, I wanted so badly to do 31 days of Halloween.  But, with a one year old and a three year old, life is pretty hectic... needless to say, that did not happen.  So, this year, I was so happy that we actually go to it!  

Some of the things we did each day were:
  • Read a Halloween book
  • Do a Halloween themed learning activity
  • Make Halloween art
  • Visit the pumpkin patch
  • Watch a Halloween movie or show
  • Cook Halloween themed food
I'm going to give you the 31 Days of Halloween and if you keep scrolling down, you will find links for everything.  
  1. Witch Hair Countdown Chain ( http://jeniutley.com/blog/17438/witch-hair-halloween-countdown-chain )

  2. Goodnight Goon -  Book ( https://amzn.to/3FhXWfA )

  3. Q-Tip Skeletons - Craft (See below)

  4. Halloween Exercise ( https://www.etsy.com/JeniUtley/listing/1100035415/halloween-exercise-workout-fitness )

  5. Halloween Scissor Practice ( https://www.etsy.com/JeniUtley/listing/1093684542/halloween-scissor-practice-halloween )

  6. Get Costumes ( https://amzn.to/3b8U9TY )

  7. Mini Mummy Pizzas ( https://www.pinterest.com/JeniUtley/halloween-activities-for-kids/ )

  8. Line Tracing ( https://www.etsy.com/JeniUtley/listing/1108093121/halloween-pre-writing-line-tracing-line )

  9. Halloween Numbers ( https://www.etsy.com/JeniUtley/listing/1100037329/halloween-numbers-and-counting-halloween )

  10. Boo Craft (See Below)

  11. Spider Racehttps://www.pinterest.com/JeniUtley/halloween-activities-for-kids/ )

  12. Halloween Writing ( https://www.etsy.com/JeniUtley/listing/1086107914/halloween-reading-and-writing-halloween )

  13. Balloon Ghost (https://youtu.be/dkCMK_EtkTE )

  14. Count and Graph ( https://www.etsy.com/JeniUtley/listing/1100037329/halloween-numbers-and-counting-halloween  )

  15. Word Trace ( https://www.etsy.com/JeniUtley/listing/1086107914/halloween-reading-and-writing-halloween )

  16. Witch Hat Counting ( https://www.etsy.com/JeniUtley/listing/1100037329/halloween-numbers-and-counting-halloween )

  17. How to Catch a Monster - Book ( https://amzn.to/3mb8uVk )

  18. Halloween Word Tracing ( https://www.etsy.com/JeniUtley/listing/1086107914/halloween-reading-and-writing-halloween

  19. PB&J Spiders ( https://www.pinterest.com/JeniUtley/halloween-activities-for-kids/ )

  20. Pumpkin Color Mixing ( https://youtu.be/UzPBcHmg04s )

  21. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

  22. Pumpkin Investigation ( https://www.etsy.com/JeniUtley/listing/1093623115/pumpkin-investigation-halloween-fall )

  23. Painting Pumpkins

  24. Washing Pumpkins (wash the paint off the pumpkin with bubbles and sponges)

  25. Zombie Art ( https://www.etsy.com/JeniUtley/listing/1085868856/halloween-learning-bundle-halloween )

  26. Watch Monster House

  27. Little Blue Truck Halloween ( https://amzn.to/3m52xJh )

  28. Carve Pumpkins ( https://amzn.to/3jx7J8p )

  29. Foaming Jack-O-Lantern Science ( https://www.pinterest.com/JeniUtley/halloween-activities-for-kids/ )

  30. Make Pumpkin Seeds ( https://teenytinyfoodie.com/lets-roast-pumpkin-seeds-toddler-recipe/ )

  31. Pumpkin Sweet Potatoes ( https://www.pinterest.com/JeniUtley/halloween-activities-for-kids/ )

  32. Trick or Treating

Hands-on activities for your


My Favorite Halloween Books

Get books from the library, Hoopla or Libby

My Favorite Videos


Halloween Crafts

Q-Tip Skeletons
Grab some books on skeletons, watch some YouTube videos, and learn about our skeletal system.

My kids loved finding out that we have a skeleton in our body.  I told them to feel all of the hard parts on their body, that is your skeleton!

Cut the skeletons head out with paper.  Have your child draw a face on it.

I cut:
6 Q-tips in half
12 tips
3 in half with no tips
1 whole Q-tip

For the Q-tips that I cut in half, I positioned the tips so that they were joints.

Dip the tip in glue and help your child arrange the Q-tips as pictured.

Science Balloon Ghost

A canvas big enough to fit your child's feet.  
Blank and white paint.
Paint brush.

Have your child paint the canvas black.
When the paint dries, paint the bottom of his or her feet.  
With toes pointing down, stamp the feet leaving enough room for a "B" on the left.
With the paint brush, write a "B" on the left of the feet. 
With black paint, draw a ghost face on each of the heels of the feet.

Xx Jeni



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