Fall is the perfect time to explore nature and learn new things. As the leaves change color and the air becomes cooler, many families head out to a pumpkin patch for some family fun. But did you know that pumpkins can be educational too? This pumpkin investigation is a fun and educational activity that helps children explore science, math, and sensory play. This activity can be as simple or elaborate as you desire and can be completed indoors or outdoors. It’s a great way to engage children in purposeful play and help them develop their critical thinking skills while having fun. 

What You Need:
Have your child examine the pumpkin and fill out the Pumpkin Investigation based on the pumpkin's features. 

The investigation page will ask questions such as "Is the pumpkin round or tall?" and "Is it smooth or bumpy?" This helps them develop their observation skills, descriptive vocabulary, and analytical thinking.

Next, measure the pumpkin’s circumference and height. This is an ideal opportunity to teach math skills such as calculation, estimation, and comparison.  If you have more than one pumpkin, ask your child to guess which pumpkin is heavier.

Fill a large bowl, bucket, or ice chest with water and test whether the pumpkins will sink or float. Ask your child why they think the pumpkin will sink or float and discuss their reasoning. They may be surprised by the results and you can use this opportunity to teach them about buoyancy and how objects interact with water. 

Once you are done with everything and it's time to guess how many seeds are inside, cut open the pumpkin (adults only!) and scoop out the seeds. This is an excellent time for sensory play and hands-on exploration. Children can feel the texture and temperature of the pumpkin flesh, smell the pumpkin scent, and determine whether they are right or wrong about how many seeds are inside.  This helps them develop mathematical thinking, predictability, and estimation.

Happy pumpkin investigating!

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This activity is one of the activities from my Halloween Unit Study.

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