Peek-a-boo, it's the art of the reveal in the playful world of preschool!  Hidden in the Colors promises not only fun but a splash of smarts for your little one. A rainy day inside or sunny day outside, this activity is an all-weather adventure.  Get ready for some 'aha' moments as your tiny tots discover the magic of white crayon and watercolors!

Write on the white paper with the white crayon.  Write letters, numbers, shapes, or sight words randomly across your page.  
Hand the brush to your mini-Van Gogh and let them work their magic. Marvel as spaces turn into sights. This isn't just about creating—there's uncovering at play.

You're not just learning to paint. Have a conversation about what appears, creating mini-lessons behind every vision.

So, parents, pick up those brushes and let your little ones splash in the sea of discovery. With “Hidden in the Paint,” you’re more than a spectator. You’re an accomplice in creating a canvas of cherished learning moments. 

This is one of the activities from my activity book: Pre-K The Fun Way
The book contains many fun and engaging activities that help your child learn while having fun.

Xx Jeni



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