Tighten your seatbelt, and let's rev up for a fun way to teach the alphabet, or cruise into mastery of shapes, colors, numbers, rhymes, the spelling of names, and sight words.

Tape the tiles to the top of the cars and tape another set of tiles to a wall along the floor.
You want enough space between each letter so that a car can fit right in front of each letter. 
You can put masking tape on the floor to make the floor look like a parking lot.  
Drive the cars to the correct parking spots.

Match upper and lowercase letters or try matching letters to sounds.

Tape the color tiles to the wall, in front of each parking space.  You can put another set of color tiles on the cars if you don't have the same colored car for every parking spot.  

Spell your child's name in alphabet tiles in front of each parking space.  Put another set on the cars.  Have your child park the cars to spell their name. 
Try having your child spell their name without any letter on the parking spots. 

Have your child match the number on the car to the number on the parking spot. 
Try putting dot tiles on the cars.  Have your child count the dots and put the car in the correct parking spot. 

Match the shape on the car to the shape on the parking space. 

With help from a parent, read the tile on the parking space.  Find the car that rhymes with that parking space and dive it over!

Read the sight word and find it on the car to park it.

Tips for the Journey
  • Watch out for trip hazards — make sure the parking lot is on a clear, safe floor space.
  • Stay fun-focused — it's about learning, but it’s also about having a great time. Keep it light and enjoy the ride.
With the "Parking Lot" preschool activity, every floor in your home can become an arena for accelerated learning. So why wait? Drive into educational excitement today and watch your little one’s knowledge take off.

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The book contains many fun and engaging activities that help your child learn while having fun.

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