The ocean is one of the most extraordinary places on earth!  

Help your child dive into learning about the ocean whether your child is a toddler, in preschool, kindergarten or you homeschool.  

These activities are great do to during the summer but the ocean is a great topic all year!

Learn about the ocean through activities, games, songs, hands-on activities and field trips!

Field Trip

We started the day off by meeting at the local Asian market because they have all of the fish, crabs, lobsters, oysters... in the tanks on display.  We also showed them other things around the store and bought some new fruit to try.  

Feed the Shark
Feed the shark is an activity you can customize to your child's needs to help them learn numbers, letters, words, sounds, or math!

If you are feeling super crafty, you can do this activity on your own.  

Here is how we did it: 

I got cardboard from a shipment we got, cut it out and added teeth and eyes.  And then cut fish out of card stock.  So EASY!  Yours doesn't need to be this big.  We just had a very large box.  

So, to play, write letters, numbers, words or math problems on the fish.  Lay the fish on the floor with the side your wrote on facing down.  When they pick up the fish, they have to tell you what it says or solve the problem before they can feed the fish to the shark.  

You can set the shark up far from the fish and make it a race or exercise.

Whale Craft
Here is a fun little whale craft you can do with the kids.  I feel like arts and crafts help the kids explore their creative side but also help break up the learning.

How to do this craft.

What you need:

We free handed the tail and the flippers. 
Cut everything and have your child glue it on.  

Super easy.  


The next activity is the blubber activity. 

First they put their hands in a bowl of ice water so that they could feel how cold it was.  Then we covered their hand in lard and had them dunk it in the water.  

This taught showed them how a whale stays warm in cold water. 


Baleen are whale teeth.  We talked to them about how the whale opens its mouth, takes in all of the fish, then closes its mouth, push out all of the water and the baleen will hold the fish inside for the whale to eat. 

We showed them pictures of baleen from Google.

Baleen is similar to a comb so, for our activity, we put dried oregano in a bowl of water to represent the fish.  Then had them comb out the "fish" with their comb.  This helped them to see how the baleen keeps all of the fish in their mouth.  

We also let the kids drink water with raisins to see if they could spit out the water without the raisins coming out.  They did pretty good!

Parts of a Fish
This activity goes over the parts of the fish.  After learning about them, you can help your child identify the parts with a cut and paste activity.  They can also practice writing "fish".

This printable also comes with a field trip suggestion and how to do a real fish investigation... BUT I have both available for you in this blog post! 

Fish Investigation
While we were at the market, the kids got to look at all the different fish and pick one out.
As you go over the Parts of a Fish activity, you can let the kids see all the parts of the fish in real life.

Don't forget to wash your hands after!

Ocean Hand Art
Shark Craft
Just for fun, we made this newspaper shark!

All you need is:
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Can't Forget Reading
Here are some of the books we read.  Click each book to find it on Amazon.

Fun Videos to Watch

If you are wondering how to incorporate these activities into your schedule, here is how I am planning to incorporate it into our week. 

If you want to create your own schedule, here is a blank planner:

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