There are so many reasons why us moms don't take the time we NEED for ourselves.
No help, guilt, new baby, busy schedule...

Although being a mom is extremely rewarding, it is also mentally and physically draining.  

It is so easy to completely lose yourself.  

If taking a day or a couple hours isn't realistic for you right now, here are some some ways you can sneak in  some time to yourself even if you only have 10 minutes.   You need this time to recharge.  

The time you take for yourself will only make you a better mom!

  1. Do nothing!  Sometimes this is all the me-time we need.  Relax, breathe, and clear our mind!
  2. Drink some coffee or tea!  Wake up 10 minutes early, get yourself a cup of coffee or tea in your favorite cup and watch the sun rise.  Even if you can't see the actual sun, watching the sky change is so beautiful!  This is a great way to wake up slowly and get your mind ready for the day.
  3. Rest.  Power naps help so much. If your kids pass out, take a little nap with them!  Even if you can only get in 10 minutes, you might realize that little recharge was all you needed. 
  4. Surf the web.  Catch up with family or friends... scroll through Facebook or Instagram... read funny memes... buy yourself a little something... 
  5. Stretch.  Stretching is so good for your body.  It releases tension, reduces stress, increases mobility, increases circulations and it helps you clear your mind!
  6. Read.  If you aren't in love with reading an actual book, look into Hoopla!  It's a free app that only requires your library card to join and you can listen to audiobooks on the app for FREE!  Hello.... that is the greatest thing ever!!!!  Audible is so expensive.  I love audiobooks but there is no way I can fit it in my budget as a stay-at-home mom.
  7. Do your nails.  This is an easy way to feel a little bit better each day.
  8. Shower.  If you are able to take a shower alone, put some essential oils on the shower walls, shave your legs, take the time to put lotion on and you will feel so good after!
  9. Make up.  Even if I'm just sitting at home.  If I take the time to put mascara on, it makes a huge difference in how I feel.
  10. Outfit.  I know mom life calls for stretchy pants but get a couple pairs that fit good and make you feel good!  Set up a date with a babysitter and go down to the mall or your favorite store. 

Xx Jeni



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