Changing the direction of your day doesn't have to require big changes!

Here are my 9 favorite things to do to ensure that I have an amazing day!

I was always a MAJOR introvert.  I didn't have many friends after high school until I found a hobby I loved and had babies.  In search of ways for my kids to make friends, I found a Mom's Club.  Originally I joined for my kids but after meeting the moms, I realized how much I needed this too!  It is so helpful to have that community of people who all understand you, support you and encourage you!  On good days and bad days, I am so grateful for these mamas!

If you're like me, sometimes the thought of getting ready is like, ughhhhhhhh!

Let's do your hair!  Brush your teeth!  Do you have to go to the bathroom?  Get dressed! 

Okay, this might look but if you have two toddlers like me, you know it's not JUST brushing their hair. It's chasing them, threatening them, then brushing their hair so softly and they are still screaming.

And now you're tired but that was only half the battle... now you have to get yourself dressed.

Now that I totally scared you away from getting out of your house... haha!!

Here are the benefits:
  • You will get Vitamin D.
  • The kids will get to explore nature and learn!
  • Both you and the kids will get exercise.
  • Not being in your house means it isn't getting messy!
  • Letting kids run free helps them to get a better nights sleep!
Did you know that house plants:
  • Boost your mood.
  • Reduce your stress.
  • Help clean indoor air.
  • Increases humidity.
  • Produces oxygen.
  • Gives your home more color!
  • They are therapeutic to care for.
Crystals aren’t just pretty.  They have frequencies just like we do. When our frequency is low, it can change our mood and  make us sick. Being around crystals helps to keep our frequency up!

Essential oils have frequencies just like crystals do. The crystals and the oils work together and increase their benefits! You can purchase essential oil roller bottles with crystals in them to easily get the benefits of both.

Sometimes, if I don't get a good nights sleep, I'll get to mid morning and I'm totally stressed out!  Then I realize I didn't have coffee.  As soon as I start drinking my coffee, I swear, my whole day turns around.  You can drink tea or whatever helps to give you a little boost in your day.  Us mamas need it!

Put on your favorite song while you are cleaning or have a dance party with your kids!
Music always makes me happy.  Especially if it's an upbeat and motivational song.

I love exercising but, as a mom, it's hard to block out that chunk of time on a regular basis.  You can try committing to 2 or 3 days of exercising alone and the other days you can walk with your kids or something fun that involves your kids.  Sometimes it's more stressful to get that time alone than it is to figure out a way to include them.  Then you are all benefiting from it.  There are some good exercise channels on YouTube for kids that you can join in on.  

This has been a major life saver for me.  My hobby actually helped me to build confidence, get out of my shell, helped me make friends and takes my mind off of the stresses in life.  
I went through a couple different hobbies before I found one that I fell in love with.  And actually, I didn't even realize I was getting into a hobby until after I started purchasing the products and using them for a while. 

You wake up, get a cup of coffee, and sit on the couch.  You're drinking your coffee, smelling the diffuser, and looking at your home filled with plants, crystals, or whatever you decide to fill your home with that is uplifting.  You have a special day planner with a your favorite pen and you take the first 15 minutes of your day, before your kids wake up, to plan out your day.  Fit in time for friends, exercise, or a hobby each day. 
Xx Jeni



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