Kids are sponges. From the moment they are born, they are learning and growing super fast!  Once our kids are about 3, many parents want to start incorporating more educational activities. 

I love going to the educational stores to buy things for my kids but I had to take a couple things into consideration:

1. How much is the item?
2. How much time will my child spend playing with it?
3. How long before my child needs a more advanced activity?

For example, I go to Target and I find:
- A cute little Bingo game for $15
- A board game for $15
- Flash cards $5

I bought 3 items for $35. 

My child might play with these items a couple times a week and I’m left still trying to find things to do each day.  

These items can add up fast, our kids won’t play with them often enough to justify the price and the time we spend in preschool is so short.

Another option is to take that $35 and spend it a lot more wisely!  

You can take that $35 and buy printable board games, bingos, flashcards, themed activities, and an endless number of other items. All at a fraction of the cost.  

Remember, printables aren’t always worksheets. There are many hands-on printables!

Printables are anywhere from $.50 to $10 (for a bundle).

Optional: Put the pages in a page protector or laminate them.  Write on them with a dry erase marker and wipe clean to reuse. 

Also, check out my preschool curriculum where I have tons of hands-on activities, printable games, themed bundles and so much more!  


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