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Look out for these Mom Chats every month!

I am so excited to do these chats because talking to other moms can help us in so many ways!

Some of us feel alone but we definitely are NOT.  We might think we are the only one who has a messy house but we all have a messy house!!!  We all have dishes, we all leave piles of laundry, we all are running in 10 different directions at the same time!

There are so many things we have to juggle. We lose ourselves, we disconnect from our spouses, dinner is just another mess to clean up... there is so much to do but we still need to stop and get that quality time for our kids, ourselves, and our spouses!  

We all have a different story and we all do something that can really help someone else!

So let’s hear how we all do mom life!  Let’s meet moms that we connect with and LET'S MAKE FRIENDS!


I am so happy to have Liz chatting with me this month!  We met at our local MOMS Club.  She is one of the sweetest people I know and I am so happy to call her my friend!

Liz is a stay-at-home mom to two boys, 16 months apart.  I think this is important to say right off the bat because boy mom life is hard... having more than one boy is even harder and having them 16 months apart... the hardest!!!  Then add being a stay-at-home mom... the greatest, most rewarding and the most stressful job.  

She deserves all of the praise!

Here are the highlights from my chat with Liz:

Self-care is one of the things she neglects the most.  
She loves massages and says they are the ultimate self care!  
Her husband loves when she gets her nails done but as a mom, she is always using her hands so it's kind of taken the back burner.

She tries to get outside for at least one hour a day.  It is a little draining on her because her kids are too young to do too much on their own.
Her next door neighbor is her friend and also has kids so sometimes if they see each other, they will have an impromptu play date!  What's better than the kids having fun and you getting some adult time?!?!

She has been using New Leaf Wellness to make meal prep easier.  It is a website with recipes that all go in the freezer.
She uses:

Her kids are super picky eaters!  So she occasionally makes them something different from the New Leaf meals.

Her kids go to play school in the afternoon so her and her husband will get occasional time together before picking them up.  She also has her mother-in-law to babysit so she can have some time with just the two of them.  Her husband likes when they go to bed at night together so that they get that time alone.

Her biggest challenge is...
Patience and holding back from yelling.  
Like I said, being a stay-at-home mom of two boys who are 16 months apart is hard!
She is trying to be more mindful of it and practicing patience.
Girl... I get it!

Liz just got into using essential oils and making bath bombs.  
I've also been loving her making bath bombs!!  LOL!!  Her bath bombs are so cute and work so amazing that I'm trying to get her to sell them!

A tip she has for essential oils from her mother-in-law is to diffuse even when the kids aren't around because it is cleaning the air and disinfecting everything in the room!


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