Homeschooling is an exciting adventure for both the parent and the child. Deciding on a curriculum can be overwhelming as there are so many choices out there.  You have, traditional, online, Montessori, STEM-based, HighScope, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, outdoor learning, co-ops, inclusive, BankStreet...  This post isn't to say that the other styles are bad but, I’m hoping that if you are like me, this post helps guide you in the right direction.

My Story
I was super motivated to start homeschooling when my kids were young.  I quickly realized how challenging it was with two young kids and trying to manage everything that comes with being a stay-at-home mom. 

I had purchased an endless number of curriculums for my kids. I purchased subscription boxes, apps, online curriculums, free curriculums, and paid curriculums. 

The curriculums I purchased didn't know where my child was academically, they were too hard or too easy and anytime I missed an activity, I was stressed out because I didn’t know what we were trying to achieve for the year. 

I eventually organized a small preschool co-op with my sister who is a credentialed teacher and has been a homeschool parent for many years. 

I learned so much about kids and life with a preschooler. 

Through my experience with the other curriculums, my research, organizing the co-op, and all the time I spent with my sister, I ended up creating a parent and child-led preschool curriculum.

Let's get into why I love this style so much...

Allows for Personalized Education
Parents will have more freedom and flexibility to tailor a personalized learning experience for their children and themselves.  

When we choose a parent and child-led curriculum, we can tailor the experience to our children's interests, learning style, and abilities.  For example, if your child is fascinated by science, you can spend more time in that area.

One thing I love about my preschool curriculum is that it gives you your goals and an assessment to follow.  As long as your child is progressing, that's all that matters!  Dive deep into what lights your child's fire without losing track.

The goals and assessment also allow you to fit the curriculum into your life, as you can.  It allows you to choose activities based on what you are able to do, the supplies you have, and the time you have, all while focusing on your child without losing track.  

Builds Self-Motivation and Responsibility
When your child is taking the lead in their learning, they are more motivated to learn and complete tasks. Your child also becomes more invested in their education, which can enhance their overall learning experience.

Offers Flexibility
The flexibility of a parent and child-led curriculum allows the parent and child to work together at their own pace and schedule. This could mean spending more time on a project or task that interests the child, taking a vacation when it's convenient for the family, or being able to work a curriculum into a busy schedule. The flexibility and freedom allow for a less stressful and more enjoyable learning experience for both the parent and child.

When I purchased curriculums that tell me exactly what to do each day, it was helpful and very organized but this is where I ran into an issue with having two littles.  Having the "bones" of the curriculum and being able to choose the activities made a huge difference.

Encourage Creativity and Exploration
When the child is leading their learning, they are given a chance to explore their own creativity, interests and have a more significant role in their education.  This is what homeschooling is all about, right?  

Builds Stronger Parent-Child Bonds
One of the most significant benefits of a parent and child-led curriculum is strengthening the bond between parent and child.  Homeschooling can sometimes put your relationship with your child in a weird place.  Finding the separation between being a parent and a teacher can sometimes be confusing for both of you.  When the parent and child are working together to create and accomplish goals, they create lifelong memories and a strong bond.

When I was able to say, "This isn't working" and I made a change, all of the stars aligned.  Rather than arguing and convincing my kids to do their learning activities, my kids were now begging me to do learning.


Xx Jeni


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Xx Jeni



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