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Deciding whether or not to homeschool is a big deal.  This is a great opportunity to see if this is something you and your child will like before deciding whether or not to send your child to traditional kindergarten.

Okay, let’s dive in!
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I will not be able to work.
The wonderful thing about homeschooling is the flexibility!  I’ve met homeschool parents who work.  It really depends on your job and your commitment level.  Many people are working from home now, which may give you the opportunity to try homeschooling.  

I am not a good teacher.
There are so many resources available these days!  There are tutors, co-ops, online classes… and there are teachers manuals.  Working with my niece on her homework, I found that it was a lot easier for me to do those “hard” math problems now than it was back when I was in school.  

And actually, one thing that I learned that I believe to be so true is: YOU ARE YOUR CHILD’S BEST TEACHER!   
You know your child better than anyone on this planet!  

My child wants to go to school.
My child also wants to drink soda all day, eat cookies nonstop, and go to bed at midnight.

But seriously, ask your child WHY?  Maybe you can put him or her at ease when you explain to them why homeschooling is the best option.
I’m worried that it will be more expensive.
I know every state is different but some states give you money to spend on school supplies.  

My parents put my niece in homeschool for a year and they were able to put her in piano, guitar and put braces on her with the money they saved from the extra-curricular activities.   

My friend said the same thing, she is now able to put her kids in fun programs because of homeschooling.  
Also remember, children learn so much through play.  There are so many creative ways to teach your preschooler through play with inexpensive items or items you already have.

It is a huge responsibility!
Yes, it is.  It’s definitely not for everyone.  This is why I think preschool is a great age to dip your toes in the water and see if you like it.

My child will have no friends.
Like I said before, homeschooling is so popular now that there are so many opportunities to socialize your kids.  Things like co-ops and field trips are some great options.  Also, lots of play dates and joining a mom's club.

You will have control over your child’s education.
There are some controversial topics being taught in public schools at the moment.  Homeschooling gives you the opportunity to teach your child your values and beliefs.  

You might want to teach you child sexual education differently.  Maybe you hated history as a kid so you plan a field trip to get your child more involved.  Also, sometimes pieces of history are left out.  As your child’s homeschool teacher, you are able to teach them the nitty gritty of history and make it more fun.  

Teach your kids how to cook and clean.  Teach them about finances.  Have fun with it and make the most of it.

You have the opportunity to teach your child based on their learning style and passion.
I love the idea of teaching my child based on her learning style and passions.  

Some kids need to do head stands while you read and some kids need to sit on your lap.  I read a book and the author said that her child who was fidgeting and seemingly not paying attention could tell her more about what she read than her other kids who were sitting on the couch looking at her.

Also, maybe your child loves bugs or music or art... recognize these things and hone in on them.

You will have more time with your child.
Whether you want to homeschool or not, it’s hard leaving your child.  Not just because of the separation anxiety but because you are going to miss out on some of the greatest moments in their childhood.  Every parent’s schedule is different but I know some kids only get to see their parents for homework, dinner and their bedtime routine.   Homeschooling allows you to have more quality time with your kids.  

You will have more flexibility.
Book a dentist appointment at noon, run errands in the morning before the crowds, go on a field trip and get back at midnight then sleep in the next day, plan a play date on Wednesday and do school on Saturday… go on a work trip with your husband!  Have the summers with your kids.  Spend more time with your spouse in the evenings...

My child’s birthday didn’t allow them to start school this year. 
I’ve heard parents says this and now that I am a parent, I would be upset if my child was cut off from learning because they were born a month too late.  Teaching your child can start any time with homeschool.  If you child is cut off from traditional school, homeschool!  You got this!   



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