This was a totally random craft that we did but it was so much fun and I turned it into something really cute so I want to share all the details with you!

Hopefully this post will help you to think outside of the box.

The crib that we bought for our daughter was one of those convertible cribs.  So when we converted it, the drawer under the crib was trash.  It was too big to sell and ship and too random to sell locally.  

So... I'm disassembling it and two perfect square pieces of wood come out of it.  

I set the wood off to the side until I could think of what to do with them but I knew I had to do something.  

My kids would never sit and paint this entire piece of wood so I took them outside, let them put their own paint on (they thought that was the greatest thing ever), and told them to walk on it.  They both looked at me like, Really?!?!?! but they were so excited to do it!

***If you do something like this, be cautious that it is very slippery.  Don't do this on a hard surface.  

Before it dried, we used our fingers to draw letters and pictures. 

Then, once it dried, I glued a clothes pin to the front and nailed a bracket on the back.  

I hung them on the wall and added the children's artwork to it.  

It was so much more fun than buying a frame and hanging their work.

Xx Jeni

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Xx Jeni



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