I love themed learning!   It’s what sparked my love for teaching my kids.  I am learning things that I never knew about this world, my kids were excited to learn and it was a great way to get together with other kids.  It’s also a great way to create your own learning activities without purchasing expensive curriculum.  If you want more information on that, check out my course: THEMED LEARNING: MAKE LEARNING FUN AND GET SOCIAL!

With that said, I am excited to have available for you this turkey-themed workbook for your preschooler!
If you are looking for hands-on learning activities to help you get into this holiday season, I have you covered!

 You can use this workbook as your homeschool curriculum or add it to what you are already doing.  
Turkey facts
 Numbers & counting
 Reading & writing
 Field trip ideas
 Focus on letters T & W
 Pretend play
 Thankful activity
 Fun food ideas
 Weekly planner
 Learning tips
 Book suggestions
 Video suggestions



My Favorite Turkey Books
Here are some book suggestions for you!  Whenever I’m diving into a theme, I like to have at least one “facts” book and then some other fun books that go along with the topic.  
I love the library, Hoopla and Libby as free resources for books but I also love to purchase books.   If I check a book out from the library several times or if a book stands out to me, I will purchase it.
It makes for a great bookshelf!

My Favorite Turkey Video
Here is a video that I found on YouTube talking about Turkeys.  There are so many great educational videos out there!  My kids love switching it up.  I mean, what kid doesn't love watching tv?!?!
Remember to pay attention to how your child learns.  Knowing your child’s learning style and teaching them accordingly will help your child to take in information and retain it.



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