A dry-erase board is a tool that can be leveraged for a range of educational tasks. For preschoolers, the simple act of tracing can improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and even emotional readiness. 

Why Use a Dry Erase Board?
A dry-erase board has several advantages over traditional paper and pencil methods. It allows for mistakes to be easily corrected, removes the need for constant reprinting, and offers a tactile and visual learning experience that many children find more engaging.
Another significant advantage is the opportunity to practice writing without the pressure of permanence. The ease of erasing lines and starting over eliminates the potential frustration children may feel from making mistakes on paper. 


  1. Choose a subject and write a letter, number, shape, sight word, or your child's name on a dry-erase board.
  2. Invite your child to trace over the letter with a Q-tip. This allows them to focus on fine motor skills and precision.
  3. As they trace, have them say the letter's name and the sound it represents, the number, the shapes, or the sight word.  
Tips for Success
To make the most of this activity, consider the following tips:
  • Make it fun! Use a variety of colors and encourage your child to become the 'teacher' by showing you how to trace.
  • Be patient and encouraging. Every child learns at their own pace, so celebrate small victories and provide gentle guidance.
  • Review and revise. Regularly go back to previous tracings and letters to reinforce learning.
So grab a dry-erase board and a marker, and start tracing the fun today!

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