Encourage your child to practice learning the alphabet, colors, their name, numbers, shapes, and sight words as they wear bracelets.  

Write a letter, your child's name, a number, a shape, or a sight word on the bracelet. 

Put the bracelet on and talk about the sight word throughout the day.  Make sure your child looks at the bracelet each talk you talk about it.

You can also write one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, a number, a shape, and a sight word.  Throughout the day, ask your child, questions like:
  • What color is your bracelet?
  • What is the uppercase letter on your bracelet?  Does your name start with a capital letter?
  • What is the number on your bracelet?
  • What is the sight word on your bracelet?
  • Can you count to number 5? Like the number on your bracelet?
  • What is the lowercase letter on your bracelet?  What sound does it make?

Do this activity as often as you'd like with a variety of letters, numbers, shapes, etc.

This is one of the activities from my activity book: Pre-K The Fun Way
The book contains many fun and engaging activities that help your child learn while having fun.

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