As parents and educators, it’s important to teach our children about the importance of being mindful and responsible, even when it comes to seemingly mundane tasks like using glue. That’s where “JUST A DOT, NOT A LOT” comes into play. With this simple phrase, we can instill in our children the value of conservation and minimize the mess and waste that comes with an overzealous use of glue.

The “JUST A DOT, NOT A LOT” mantra is a helpful way to remind kids that they don’t need to slather on glue to make something stick. Using too much glue can not only create a messy cleanup but can also impact the quality of the craft project. In fact, using too much glue can cause the paper or material to warp, or even make it impossible for a child to even pick up the project again without everything falling apart. Teaching kids to use glue sparingly encourages them to think critically about the amount of glue needed for a project. It helps them to develop a sense of precision and accuracy.

By teaching our children to use just a dot of glue, we’re not only ensuring less wasted materials but also minimizing the impact on the environment. Overuse of glue can lead to paper and other materials being thrown out more quickly and unnecessarily, which contributes not only to household waste but also to environmental problems like landfill pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Teaching children to use a smaller amount of glue can make a tangible impact on the amount of waste being produced in our homes.

Another important lesson that comes with the “JUST A DOT, NOT A LOT” approach to using glue is patience. It can be tempting to apply glue quickly and without thought, but taking the time to apply only a small amount of glue and wait for it to dry can be a valuable opportunity to teach kids about patience and respect for the process. By encouraging children to wait until the glue has dried, we demonstrate to them that good things come to those who wait, and that time and effort are important components of producing a successful project.

Teaching children to use glue sparingly can also be an opportunity to introduce them to the concept of supply and demand. By stressing the importance of conservation, we’re not only preserving resources and minimizing waste but also taking steps to ensure that the supplies we have last longer and are put to better use. It’s a simple lesson, but an important one that can make a difference in how children view their relationship with the material objects around them.

By instilling these values in our children, we’re not only setting them up for success in the classroom but also for success in life. So the next time you see your child getting ready to slather on the glue for a project, just remember: “JUST A DOT, NOT A LOT!”


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