I love themes!! I believe some people call them unit studies too.

This was how I fell in love with teaching my kids.

It showed me a different side of "school".

Themes help switch things up and keep things interesting. 

The basic ABCs and the 123s can get super boring for kids. 

Even for parents, there is soooo much we don't know! 

Did you know...
Beeswax is produced by young bees?  Young bees have 8 pores in their abdomen that ooze wax.

Did you know...
A male turkey's poop looks like the letter "j"?  And females poop in a spiral!

Did you know...
The weird part at the bottom of an apple is part of the flower that it grew from?

Themes open the door to:
-Field trips.
-Pretend play.
-Dress up.
-Hands-on activities.
-New books.
-Fun and creative ways to learn the ABCs and 123s.

Themes also help your child discover the world around them and start some great conversations. 

I started making themed bundles a couple years ago. When I do the activities with my kids, I create a PDF for you to download. Or I create them, post them and do them with you.

So, these are the same activities I am doing with my kiddos!

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