Preschool is supposed to be easy, right?  
Kids are supposed to be excited to learn! 

We have this vision in our head of what traditional school looks like and we take that with us into homeschooling.

I imagined the kids sitting there listening with minor behavioral issues.  BUT...for most of us that is WRONG!  

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When you start homeschooling your preschooler, this is their first glimpse of learning that pushes them outside of their comfort zone even if it's just a little. 

I think starting with preschool is also a great way for you to know exactly what you need to do going into kindergarten since preschool is fairly easy and there is more room for mistakes.  

I had to take a step back and look at how I manage my day and my child's learning style then remove the "school" image out of my head.  It wasn't easy.  You don't start with a clean classroom, have one curriculum for everyone, get a break for lunch, then send them home.  Your whole life has to be re-thought out.

I was so lost!  Even with curriculum.  Don't get me wrong, curriculum is wonderful!  But, Some days we didn’t want to do what the curriculum asked for.  

I was lost without the curriculum but I also didn't want to be tied down to anything.  Especially with a preschooler and everything I learned about things like 
learning through play and learning about their learning styles.  

So, I made a 
Preschool Goals Chart and Assessment.  

I gave my daughter the assessment and now I know what we need to focus on each day and what we need to revisit less often.  

Now we learn however we feel like that day!  Whether it be through games, puzzles, cooking, talking, writing on the sliding door with dry erase markers, doing one of my workbooks, or singing.  The options are endless and we are both happy!

I want my child to learn but I also want to enjoy these moments with her.  

Pretty soon there will be less opportunity to get away from a desk and a worksheet.  

That was my drive to find a solution to my problem.  And who would have know that this one little chart and assessment would have made such a huge difference.  

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  1. Teresa Wiedrick  04/30/2022 01:25 PM Central
    Ha, NOPE. Don't have to know what you're supposed to be doing when you're preschool homeschooling. Having said that, less is definitely more at this stage. But I'm so glad you're engaging this topic, because I know that many ask about the early developmental stages and so many of us homeschool mama coaches/mentors don't even THINK of it because we typically think, you don't even have to DO anything. So this is good!
    Jeni Utley AUTHOR  05/01/2022 12:01 AM Central
    Exactly! Thank you!

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