Do you feel like there is never enough time in the day?  
Do you struggle to get to all of the activities you have planned each day?

This can be especially challenging when you are homeschooling a preschooler because:
  • Some days may be exhausting for them and they may take a nap.
  • Their mood may change from day to day.
  • Keeping their attention may be challenging for certain activities.
  • You may have more planned than they are able to handle.
  • Their attention span is too short for what you have planned and you are breaking up the activities.
  • They are still getting into the groove of daily learning activities.
I felt so much less pressure when I discovered the term “looping”.  

All you have to do is plan your day and if you don’t get to it all, start the next day where you left off.  

If you are really set on doing the activities you have planned for the week and don’t want to roll them into the next week, you can continue into Saturday or do a little Saturday and Sunday.  I'm sure your child won't mind... I mean, preschool is supposed to be fun!  

Especially at this age, we don’t want to push them too hard.  They say that if we push our kids too hard too soon, it may impact them long term.  This is also a great reason why it is so important to know your child’s learning style.   Knowing your child’s learning style will make learning time more fun!  

Another option for looping is to have a daily “Must Do” list and a “Looping” list.  

In addition to looping, a great resource to have on hand is my Preschool Goals and Assessment.  Looping may relieve stress for you but if you get to Friday and haven’t caught up and still feel stressed because you're afraid your child will fall behind, I highly recommend the Preschool goals and Assessment!  

Get my Preschool Goals and Assessment, here!

I created these two things because I felt this exact way and I needed to know what in the world I was doing!
I wasn't loving the curriculums I was buying but I felt lost without them.   I hope that these are as helpful for you as they were for me!
Enjoy this year!  Remember, starting your homeschool journey with preschool is a great way to test out different routines and get it right before fully diving into it.

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