First I want to say, I commend you for being here and looking into learning styles.  School is not a one method fits all and your child is so lucky to have YOU who is taking the time to make this an amazing experience!

Learning styles are different ways children are able to take in and retain information.  

Most preschoolers learn best through hands-on activities but it’s important to start recognizing your child’s learning style at an early age because it will save you a lot of headaches now and as you continue your homeschool journey.

Knowing your child’s learning style will help you to choose activities your child enjoys.  This will make your homeschool experience not only more enjoyable for you and your child but allows your child to capitalize on their strengths, interests, and personality.  This is an opportunity many kids can’t get in traditional school and a major benefit of homeschooling.
I like to follow the VARK learning styles.  If you are researching learning styles you will find a lengthy list of learning styles.  I like VARK because it is very basic.  I don’t believe we need to dive into a lengthy list unless we are really having an issue with our child.  
To dig deeper into the 4 learning styles, check out this blog post:
As you work with your child, pay attention to what they gravitate toward and what they complain about.
Think about the activities your child likes outside of school and their personality.  What toys does your child like?  Is your child active?  Does your child like to talk?  Incorporate those same toys or create similar activities.  Incorporate movement into learning time.   Sit and talk to your child if he or she is asking questions.
Here are some different ways you can test your child if you are still unsure:
  • Play an audio book.
  • Talk about a specific topic.
  • Watch a video on a specific topic.
  • Take learning outside.
  • Open up a workbook.
  • Find a messy activity.
  • Listen to learning songs.
  • Color or play with playdoh.
Write down your child's favorite activities and look for a pattern.  

Make sure to also always incorporate activities in other learning styles.  Just because your child loves hands-on activities doesn't mean you shouldn't do worksheets or read books.  


Keep in mind that preschoolers have short attention spans.  Try to see the difference between your child not loving an activity and needing a break.

Remember, you can learn anywhere.  
If you want to learn numbers in the kitchen while baking, you can.  If your child loves baking, think of how you can create more learning in the kitchen.  

Learn at the park, at the grocery store, while driving, at the pool…
Keep the days interesting.   Don’t forget about field trips and play dates.
You have endless opportunities and the chance to make this an amazing experience!

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Xx Jeni



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