Engaging in creative activities with your preschooler can be both fun and educational. Making worm patterns can teach children several concepts, from colors and patterns to developing fine motor skills.

  • Beads: A variety of colors OR shapes
  • Pipe Cleaner: This will act as the worm's body, providing flexibility and ease of threading.
  • Googly Eyes: These add personality and can teach children about facial features.
  • Glue
Begin by threading the beads onto the pipe cleaner. Encourage your child to create a pattern with the colors and/or shapes.

Once the beads are all in place, twist the ends of the pipe cleaner to prevent the beads from sliding off. This part can be tricky, so it's a good opportunity for kids to practice their fine motor skills.  You can leave extra space on one end to form the worm's head. 

On the head end of the worm, glue on the googly eyes. 
Bend the pipe cleaner in different places to give it a wiggly worm shape. 

What Do Preschoolers Learn?
This craft is more than just sticking beads on a wire. Here's what your preschooler can learn and how they can benefit from this activity.
  • Threading beads on a pipe cleaner is an excellent way to work on fine motor skills. 
  • It promotes hand-eye coordination, encourages pincer grasp, and strengthens little fingers for better control.
  • Color Recognition and Sorting: By selecting and placing different colored beads in a specific order, kids are learning basic color recognition and sorting skills. This reinforces early math skills.
  • Patterning: Creating a pattern with the beads is an introduction to simple math concepts.
  • Creativity and Imagination: This activity allows children to get creative with how they design their worms. There's an infinite number of patterns they can make, and each worm can be unique, encouraging individual expression.
  • Patience and Perseverance: Threading beads onto a pipe cleaner can be challenging, especially for little hands. But it's in the act of trying and sometimes failing that children learn patience and the value of perseverance.
Safety Notes
Safety is paramount, especially when working with small children and craft materials.
Beads can be a choking hazard, so closely supervise children.
Ensure that the pipe cleaner ends are twisted securely to prevent accidental poking.

Have fun and let your child's imagination run wild with this simple yet engaging activity!

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