If you're looking for a fun and educational science experiment to try at home, look no further than this "Dissolve the Eggshell" activity! 

This fascinating activity involves placing eggs in vinegar for 24 hours, resulting in the eggshell completely dissolving and leaving behind a translucent egg.

So what's the science behind this amazing transformation? 

First, we need to understand that an eggshell is made up of calcium carbonate, which gives it its hard and protective structure. When an egg is soaked in vinegar, which is an acid, a chemical reaction occurs. The acid from the vinegar reacts with the calcium carbonate in the eggshell, causing it to break down and dissolve.

During this reaction, carbon dioxide gas is released, which causes bubbles to form on the surface of the eggshell. The reaction also produces calcium acetate, water, and carbon dioxide. The calcium acetate is what remains once the eggshell is completely dissolved.

This process is a great example of a chemical reaction, where two substances interact and produce a new substance with different properties. In this case, the eggshell is transformed into a gel-like substance, while the egg's membrane is left intact, keeping the egg solid and in shape.

Be careful because without the eggshell, the egg itself becomes very fragile, requiring careful handling. The egg’s membrane will prevent it from completely breaking apart, but it remains quite delicate.

This activity is a great way to introduce chemistry to young children in an entertaining and engaging way, and it’s sure to leave them mesmerized by the unexpectedly cool results of their efforts. Plus, adding a farm animal twist to the experiment can make it all the more exciting for children interested in these creatures. 

So why not give it a try and see what other discoveries you can uncover? Who knows what other questions and experiments may arise as a result of your egg-dissolving adventures!

This activity is part of my FARM ANIMAL UNIT STUDY!

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