As a parent, it's important to understand how effective early childhood education can be in preparing your child for future success. With the right preschool curriculum, you can provide an environment that fosters exploration and encourages creative thinking while equipping them with essential skills that are critical for lifelong learning. But how do you determine what type of curriculum is right for your family? Should you stick with academic-led curricula or allow your children more autonomy by going down a child-led path? In this blog post, we’ll explore my parent and child-led preschool curriculum.

The first thing you are going to find is the Pre-K The Fun Way activity book! With over 230 hands-on activities, this book is packed with engaging ways to teach everything from the alphabet and sounds to colors, fitness, and more. Whether you're looking to help your child learn life skills or improve their rhyming, counting, or pattern recognition abilities, this book has something for everyone. And with plenty of tips to help you get the most out of the curriculum, you'll be able to make learning a blast for your child every step of the way. 


Embark on an exciting educational adventure with 17 unit studies! Discover fascinating facts about dinosaurs, explore the depths of the ocean, and learn about the seasons as you delve into each unique topic. Discover the beauty of flowers, the creepiness of spiders, and the power of volcanoes. Get creative for Valentine's Day and Halloween, or learn about the history of Thanksgiving and the post office. The possibilities are endless with these unit studies, each one offering a new world of exploration and learning.

Next, you will find two amazing workbooks! Packed with over 280 worksheets, these books cover a wide range of topics on top of the main subjects.  This includes healthy eating, transportation, spotting the difference, opposites, positions, good choices, and emotions. 
Rise and shine! It's time to get your brain in gear for the day ahead. What better way to do that than with a morning focus board? 
Hang up the collection of 21 vibrant posters in your learning area.  All are designed to spark your interest and stimulate your cognition. 
Each subject is represented by its own set of flashcards and tiles. 

The blank calendars give your child the opportunity to create their own schedule and take charge of their learning. 

You'll also find a planner.  This is a must-have for anyone looking to stay organized. Whether you prefer to plan out your year, month, week, or day, this planner has you covered. With designated pages for annual, monthly, weekly, and daily planning, it's easy to prioritize your tasks and stay on track. Say goodbye to scattered notes and hello to streamlined productivity with this comprehensive planner.
Say goodbye to wastefulness with the dry-erase pocket and markers. These nifty tools allow you to save paper and money by reusing the same document over and over again. Simply slide a worksheet or any other paper item into the clear pocket.  When you're done, wipe the pocket clean with a cloth and start over.

You will also get access to the vault - online or in the app.  In the vault, you will find educational videos, my favorite products, and book recommendations.

Ultimately, preschool should be a joyful and fun experience for both parents and children. My parent and child-led preschool curriculum strives to provide the opportunity to learn through play and exploration while creating a bond between parent and child. From learning colors and shapes, counting numbers, and letter recognition, we’ve put together an exciting mix of activities that both parents and children can enjoy together. With my approach, parents have more freedom to design their own curriculum that meets the needs of their child. So if you want to have the tools you need to provide quality education at home—in a way that is meaningful for both you and your children― check out my Preschool Curriculum today! It would be an honor to serve as your guide for this wonderful journey toward quality education for your family.

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