It doesn't have to be Easter to have fun with Easter eggs!  So pull down your Easter storage bin and let's get learning!

With this activity, we are going to learn about the alphabet, colors, numbers, shapes, and sight words.  

Write a lowercase letter on one half of the egg and its uppercase equivalent on the other half.  Start with a couple of eggs and add in a few more each time you play.  
Have your child identify the uppercase letter and the lowercase letter.  
Have your child say the letter's sound and something that starts with that sound.

You don't need to write anything on the eggs for color matching the eggs.  You will need a variety of different eggs.

Write a number on one side of the egg and draw the same number of dots on the other side of the egg. 

Draw shapes on the eggs so that when you open the egg, only half of the shape is on each half of the egg. 
Make it more challenging by giving each egg two different colors. 

Write sight words on each half of the egg.   When your child matches the egg, have them read the word.

Break the eggs apart and mix them up on the floor or in a bowl. 

Encourage your preschooler to start finding the matching sets and put the eggs back together. You can help them out if they are struggling or have a poster nearby. 

If you are doing this activity during Easter, put the eggs in an Easter basket rather than a bowl. 

The Benefits of Egg Matching Game
Playing the egg matching game can have tremendous benefits for preschoolers beyond what the activity is teaching them.  Your preschooler can learn concentration, observation, and problem-solving skills.  It can also improve their motor and hand-eye coordination. 

This is one of the activities from my activity book: Pre-K The Fun Way
The book contains many fun and engaging activities that help your child learn while having fun.

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