It's no secret that little ones learn best through play, and what could be more fun and educational than an activity filled with bright, squiggly gummy worms?

What You Need:
Gummy worms in a variety of colors.

What to Do:
Prepare the Gummy Worms
Open the package and put the gummy worms in a bowl or in a pile on the table.
Sort the Gummy Worms by Color
Have your preschooler sort the gummy worms by color. Point out the colors and have your kiddo group the worms together. It's a fun way to kickstart early math skills, like comparing and classifying things based on their looks.
Count the Colors
Once the sorting is done, it's time to count how many gummy worms there are of each color. Not only is this a lesson in numbers, but it also teaches the concept of more or less in a tangible, visible way.

Educational Benefits:
Fine Motor Skills Development
The act of picking up and moving the gummy worms requires a delicate touch and helps to refine the fine motor skills your child will need for writing and other tasks.
Basic Math and Sorting Skills
Sorting and counting the gummy worms is an introduction to the world of mathematics. 
Language and Categorization
Talking about the colors of gummy worms and sorting them into different categories helps with language development and teaches how to group items by what they have in common.

From fine motor skills to basic math and language development, this simple game teaches important concepts in an interactive and enjoyable way. So next time you're looking for a fun activity to do with your child, consider grabbing some gummy worms and watch them learn while having fun!

Xx Jeni



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