It's time for the Muffin Ball Toss! This is a fun little activity that will help your preschooler learn the alphabet, sounds, colors, numbers, rhyming, shapes, and sight words. 

The Game Plan
  • Make Your Mark: Write the subjects you'd like to review inside each muffin tin section or plop the pre-made tiles in there.
  • Lining Up the Shot: Set the muffin pan at a distance suitable for your preschooler’s tiny toss.
  • Toss Some Knowledge: Have your little one throw the ball and whatever space they land on, they must read it loud and proud.

The Benefits
Let’s break down the reasons why this activity can be a powerhouse for learning:
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: As they aim and toss, they’re honing these vital skills.
  • Engagement through Discovery: Kids love uncovering surprises, and here it’s knowledge hidden within a playful toss.
Add any letters your child needs to work on. 
Mix up uppercase or lowercase letters. 
Have your child identify the letter, it's case, or it's sound.  
Add sound tiles and have your child guess what letter the item starts with.

Add color tiles or colored items to each section.  
Have your child identify the color. 
Ask your child to identify something else that is that same color.  
Is it bright, light, or dark?

Identify the number.  Easy peasy!

Look at the rhyming tile and say a rhyming word.  
If your child is still new at rhyming, it's okay for the word to not be an actual word. 
Feel free to help them out at first.  Say the rhyming words a few times so they can hear how it sounds similar. 

Identify the shape. 
You can also have your child tell you something that is also that same shape.

Read the sight word and use it in a sentence. 

Until next time, keep tinkering with teaching and never be afraid of a little mess for those amazing 'A-ha!' moments. 

Happy learning!

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Xx Jeni



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