Science experiments are a fun and exciting way to help children learn about the world around them. This time, we'll be learning about turkeys and their unique way of eating.  The gizzard experiment will not only be engaging and informative but will also be an excellent way to pique the interest of your little ones.

Have you ever wondered how turkeys eat and digest food if they don't have teeth? The answer lies in their second stomach, the gizzard. The gizzard is a muscular organ that acts as the bird's teeth. It grinds food, making it easier to digest. The gizzard also contains tiny rocks that stay there to help break down tough foods.


Now let's get started! 

Go exploring around your yard for tiny rocks.  Put the tiny rocks in a sandwich bag and add some berries and seeds to it. 

The sandwich bag is to act as the gizzard in this experiment. Your hand will act as the gizzard muscle.  They will use their hands to squeeze and grind up the food.

Once your child is done squishing the bag, pour the rocks and berries into the strainer and place the strainer over a bowl. Tell your child that the turkey is going to drink water now. 

Run water over the food and through the strainer to see how well your child did at grinding up the food.  Allow your little one to examine the resulting mixture carefully. You can use this opportunity to discuss the importance of chewing food and the role of our teeth in the digestive process.

How much food was not digested?

Aside from learning about how turkeys eat and digest their food, this activity is also an excellent way to teach your preschooler about motor skills. Such activities build motor skills and help with muscle development, which is crucial in the preschool years. Furthermore, the experiment promotes a sense of achievement as preschoolers learn a new skill and witness the outcome of their hard work.

Overall, the gizzard experiment is an excellent tool for inspiring young learners to become more curious and engaged about the world around them.

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