As parents, we are always looking for creative ways to engage our preschoolers in educational activities.  Countdown chains can not only be a fun activity for the kids but can also be educational.  These chains can help them develop important skills such as counting, time management, and goal-setting. As a parent, you can engage your preschooler in making countdown chains for upcoming events and holidays, and watch their creativity and excitement grow. 

What is a Countdown Chain?
A countdown chain is a paper chain made up of colorful paper strips that count down the number of days or hours until an event. The chain can be hung on a wall or a door and your preschooler can take off one chain a day until the event.

How Can Preschoolers Learn from Making a Countdown Chain?
Countdown chains can help preschoolers develop important skills such as counting and time concepts. As the preschooler takes off one chain, they can say the number out loud and practice counting backward. The activity can also help them understand the concept of time by visualizing how many days are left until the event.

When are the Best Times to Make Countdown Chains?
The best times to make a countdown chain are during upcoming events or holidays. For example, you can create a countdown chain for Christmas, birthdays, or even the first day of school. This activity not only engages your preschooler in making the chains but also helps them look forward to the upcoming event.

How to Make a Countdown Chain?
Making a countdown chain is simple and requires only a few materials. 

  • Colorful strips of paper.  Use a color that goes with the theme of the holiday.
    • White: snowman
    • Red, white, and blue: Fourth of July
    • Green: St. Patrick's Day
    • Orange: jack-o-lantern
    • Yellow: summer
  • Scissors
  • Glue OR tape

Look at a calendar with your child and count the days until the event.  This is how many strips of paper you will need.
Cut strips of paper of equal size and width.  
Fold one strip of paper into a circle and glue or tape the ends together.
Take another strip of paper and loop it through the first circle, glue it to form another circle, and continue until you have the desired length.

You can also write the date on each strip just in case you can't remember if you already pulled a chain for the day.  

NEW YEARS: Write 3,2,1 with colorful ribbons.
VALENTINE'S DAY: Make a big heart.
ST. PATRICK'S DAY: Make a four leaf clover.
EASTER: Make an easter egg.
SUMMER BREAK: Make a sun.
4TH OF JULY: Make a firework.
HALLOWEEN: Make a Jack-o-Lantern.
THANKSGIVING: Make a Pilgram hat.
CHRISTMAS: Make a Santa hat.
BIRTHDAY: Make candles.
VACATION: Make an airplane.


Other Ways Preschoolers Benefit from Making Countdown Chains
Countdown chains can benefit preschoolers in other ways. They can improve their fine motor skills by practicing cutting and gluing. They can also enhance their creativity by choosing the colors and patterns for their chains. Furthermore, they can learn the importance of goal-setting by setting a countdown for the upcoming event and working towards it.

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