The holiday season is here and there's no better way to bring some cheer than to craft your own Christmas cards. It's a great opportunity to spend quality time with your little ones and teach them about the joy of giving. This simple project requires minimal supplies and can be personalized in endless ways. In this blog post, we'll explore different ideas to help you design your own Christmas card.

Before your preschooler starts creating their card, talk to them about the colors of Christmas, the things you see during Christmas, what Christmas is all about, the importance of giving, and what it could mean for someone to receive a card in the mail. Discussing these ideas will help them understand Christmas and the importance of giving.

The festive season offers plenty of visual inspiration as well – a snowman with its carrot nose, evergreen trees, snowflakes, or a string of lights… let your imagination run wild when designing your Christmas card! Capture the beauty of the winter season by adding classic motifs such as poinsettia flowers or jolly Santa Claus.

The ideas I share below are just a starting point - feel free to personalize them or come up with your own unique designs! This fun project is also a great opportunity to teach your child about the post office and the importance of sending love and kindness to those who matter most. 

Here are some Christmas card ideas...

Christmas Tree Cards
Have your child draw a simple Christmas tree on the front of a folded white paper card. Encourage your child to decorate the tree with colored pencils, markers, or stickers. Add a star or angel at the top of the tree. Write a personal message inside and voila! You have a festive card to send to a loved one.

Reindeer Handprint Cards
Trace your child's hand onto a folded white paper card with a brown crayon or marker with the fingers pointing downwards. Add googly eyes, a red pom-pom nose, and tan antlers made out of paper. Get creative with different textures.  Use markers to draw on the hooves and mouth. Write a message inside and you have an adorable reindeer card that's sure to make someone smile.

Snowman Finger-painted Cards
Have your child dip their finger in white paint and stamp it on a folded blue paper card to create a snowman body. Talk about how a snowman has three parts: the top, middle, and bottom.  Talk about how the bottom snowball is at the biggest and the smallest snowball is at the top.  Talk about what would happen if the biggest snowball was at the top. 
Once the paint dries, use colored pencils, markers, or paint to add a hat, scarf, and carrot nose to the snowman. Draw arms and buttons with black markers. Write a message inside and you have a unique snowman card that's perfect for the holidays.

Santa Hat Cards
Use red construction paper to cut or tear out a triangle for Santa's hat. Tear apart cotton balls and glue them to the top and bottom of the hat. Then glue the hat to the front of a folded paper card. Write a personal message inside and you have a fun Santa hat card.

Wreath Cards
Cut several small squares out from the green paper.  Cut out circles from red construction paper for berries. Arrange and glue the green squares into a circle on the folded white paper card.  Add the berries and draw on a bow with a red marker or string. Write a message inside and you have a beautiful wreath card that's perfect for the holiday season.

Make a handmade Christmas card today and spread some holiday cheer this season!

Xx Jeni



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