Baking with your preschoolers is not just an excellent way to bond with them, but it is also an excellent opportunity for them to explore new things, learn new skills, and develop their creativity. It can be a fun, messy but an educational experience for both you and your little ones. However, as with most activities involving kids, you will need to plan and have appropriate materials, equipment, and of course, patience. In this blog post, we will share some tips and tricks that will help make your baking session with your preschoolers a joyful experience for all.

Get Organized
Before starting any activity, it is essential to be well-prepared. Get all the ingredients and kitchen tools that you will need. Make sure you have enough space in your kitchen or where you are going to bake. This will help minimize chaos and accidents during the baking process. You can also decide beforehand how much involvement your child will have; will they do most of the work, or will they help with simple tasks like mixing, decorating, and pouring ingredients? 

Choose the right cookware for preschoolers
Avoid using complex kitchen tools and appliances, which can be challenging and too dangerous for preschoolers. Instead, opt for some basic yet safe cookware that your kids can use comfortably without your constant supervision.  Remember always to prioritize safety when deciding what utensils and cookware to use.

Let your child take the lead, and Use it as a learning opportunity
Baking can help young children with many developmental skills, such as numbers, science, cooperation, and language. As they help mix or measure ingredients, they learn to count, recognize numbers and shapes, and explore cause and effect. Baking can also be a platform for improving language skills as you discuss the ingredients, the recipe, and the steps involved. Baking together also promotes collaboration and teamwork. The more you give your child control, the more they will learn, be curious, and exercise their imaginations.

Focus on the process rather than the outcome
Preschoolers are eager to please and get things right, but sometimes things do not turn out how they want. It is essential to remind your child that "mistakes" are part of the learning process and that preparing to cook is just as important as the outcome. Try and make the process as fun as possible by singing songs or telling stories, and encourage them to be creative with some of the baking ideas. When the baking is completed, don't forget to celebrate your work and take pictures for memories.

Keep it safe and clean
Baking with your preschooler can be a messy business. Make sure your child wears an apron and the working area is well-covered to avoid spills or accidents. Keep an eye on your little ones, especially when handling hot or sharp objects. Also, encourage your child to wash their hands before, during, and after the baking process. 

Make clean-up time part of the activity, let your child help you clean and put away the baking equipment, scraps, and utensils. You can also teach your child about organizing, keeping a clean workspace, and responsible cleanup.

Remember, choose kid-friendly baking tools, have everything you need before you start, let the child take the lead, focus on the process and learning opportunities, and keep it safe and clean. 

Whether you end up with sweet or savory treats, you're guaranteed to have had a fun time in the kitchen, and your preschooler will have gained a new skill. 

Have fun baking!

Xx Jeni



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