Ever wondered how to fuse fun with education for your preschooler? The answer might just start with those addictive little fidget toys: Pop Its! 


Purchase a Pop It already marked up with letters, numbers, or shapes. 
If your Pop It is blank, use a fine-tipped permanent marker to create your own learning Pop It. 
If you are learning colors, all you need is a colorful blank pop it.  

Picture this: A bunch of colorful silicone bubbles, each with a letter, number, or shape imprinted on it. Each one is a unique learning opportunity waiting to be popped. From alphabets to numbers, and everything in between, this concept takes Pop Its from a fad to a foundation of your child's learning.

Let your child pick a letter randomly, and as they pop it, have them share its name, sound, and recognize its capital or lowercase format.

For a lesson in colors, use a multi-hued Pop It and have your child announce the color of each burst they make.

Grab a numeral-studded Pop It and ask your tot to pop the digits in ascending or descending order, identifying each one they burst.

With a shape-designed device, kids can identify the shapes they pop.

Use custom-made Pop Its with your child's name, reinforcing spelling and letter recognition. Bonus points for finding repeated letters in their name!
Try writing your child's name on the bubbles at the top.  
Make the Pop It into a name crossword puzzle. 
Use the alphabet Pop It and have your child pop only the letters of their name. 

Use the alphabet Pop It and have your child pop the sight word letters. 
Make the Pop It into a sight word crossword puzzle. 

The Scientific Side of the Story
On the surface, it may seem like preschool play, but there's a world of learning beneath each satisfying pop. Every Pop It session with Learning Colors, Numbers, or Shapes fuels hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and cognitive dexterity.

Ready to pop, learn, and play? Grab those Pop-Its and get popping—education has never been this popping fun!

This is one of the activities from my activity book: Pre-K The Fun Way
The book contains many fun and engaging activities that help your child learn while having fun.

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