It’s that time of year again! The leaves are changing color, the air is getting crisp, and pumpkins are appearing on doorsteps. That can only mean one thing…Halloween is just around the corner! If you’re looking for a fun and educational way to celebrate this spook-tacular holiday with your preschoolers, look no further than this boo-tiful Halloween unit study.

This unit study is designed to be flexible so that you can easily adapt it to meet the needs and interests of your individual child. It includes a variety of printables and activities that focus on Halloween art, science, exercise, scissor practice, numbers, counting, reading and writing. So, whether your little ones are ghosts or ghouls, witches or wizards, they’re sure to have a blast learning all about Halloween with this Unit Study!

Reading and Writing Activities
One of the most important things preschoolers will learn during this unit is vocabulary related to Halloween. These printable Halloween activities will help your child practice writing, tracing and learn some new vocabulary words.

These Spooky Sight will help you learn while having fun.  

Numbers and Counting Activities
These Halloween activities are perfect for practicing counting, graphing, comparing and writing numbers. 

Science Activities 
This ghost experiment is a great way to teach your child about how mixing things together makes a reaction.  Plus, it’s super fun activity too…win-win!   

What would Halloween be without pumpkins... and candy? The pumpkin science activity is perfect for incorporating science, candy and amazement.

Scissor Practice
Just print the spooky pictures and have your child cut out the pieces.  Then help your child decorate the house! Not only will they improve their fine motor skills, they will build their vocabulary as you talk about the different images. 

The Spooky Doors exercise activity is a great way to practice creativity, get goofy and have fun all while exercising. Each spooky door you open will reveal a spooky exercise. 

Have fun learning about colors and learning what happens when you mix colors together.  Your child will also learn about skeletons and their bone structure.  Plus, do a fun zombie coloring page while learning the letters that make the word zombie.                               

That’s just a sampling of the many activities included in this unit study – there are many more!  So, whether you're looking for ways to celebrate Halloween while continuing preschool at home or incorporating some seasonal themed activities into your normal homeschool curriculum rotation - this unit study has you covered! 

Happy haunting!

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Xx Jeni


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