Did you ever think that good ol’ shaving cream could be more than just a tool for getting squeaky clean or crafting luscious Santa beards during the holiday season? With just a can of this fluffy potion, a couple of papers, and the willingness to get a little messy (OK, maybe a lot), the "Shaving Cream Squish" activity brings learning and fun together for your preschooler.

First things first, designate a squishing area. The mess might seem daunting, but trust me, the giggles and learning will make it all worthwhile. 

Start by squirting a dot of shaving cream onto either a table or the floor. You’re about to create a canvas of clouds! 
Cut the paper into 1/2" shapes (circles or squares work just fine). 
On each paper, write a letter of the alphabet, a color, a number, a shape —whatever you want your mini-squisher to learn or reinforce.
Place the paper shapes you’ve made on the shaving cream dots.
Now comes the best part...

Ask your little learner to squish the papers. 
As they squish, they can say the letters, colors, numbers, and so on. 
The activity is a great way to practice recognition and to make learning tactile and fun. 

As a bonus, when the squishing is over, you can spread the cream around and practice writing the items in the 'squooshed' section with your finger. Voila! You’ve just added a sensory experience to learning. 

After the excitement settles, cleaning up is easy. Simply wipe down the table or floor, and you’re good to go. 

So there you have it, a simple activity that lets your little one learn and have some squishy fun. It's time to get messy and make memories!

This is one of the activities from my activity book: Pre-K The Fun Way
The book contains many fun and engaging activities that help your child learn while having fun.

Xx Jeni



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