Spiders are amazing creatures. They may seem scary, but they play an essential role in our ecosystem. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a spider for a pet? Let's explore that idea.  We are going to use our imaginations and have some fun. Get ready to create your own unique spider.

What you need:
Let's start by imagining a spider of our own. What would you call your spider? What would it look like? Do they have any special features? Get your creative juices flowing and let's come up with the coolest spider ever.

Now that you have a spider in mind, let's give them a name. Is your spider a he or a she? Think of a name that suits their personality. If your spider is adventurous, you could name them "Zippy." If they are cuddly, you could call them "Snuggles."

Next, let's make sure our spider has a healthy diet (or not). What does your spider eat? This is a great opportunity to teach your little ones about the food chain. Spiders feed on insects like flies, mosquitos, and moths. Talk to your child about how spiders help control the insect population and keep our ecosystem in balance.  Is your spider a normal spider that eats insects?  Or does it eat pizza?

Now, let's talk about what makes your spider awesome. Did you know that spiders can spin silk stronger than steel? Or that they have eight eyes and some can even jump? Your child may think that is pretty cool. Encourage them to think of unique features for their spider and share them with you so you can write it down on the activity sheet. 

It's time to bring your spider to life. Have your child draw a picture of their spider and where it lives.  Does their spider make a web in the corner of their room? Or do they live in a tree in the garden?  Or maybe, your spider lives in a house or a shoe or in a car.  This gives your child the opportunity to use their imagination and explore the creative process.

Remember, spiders may seem scary, but they are amazing creatures that we should appreciate and take care of.

Xx Jeni



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