The holiday season is the perfect time to spend quality time with your little ones. What better way to celebrate the Christmas season with your preschoolers than creating a DIY Christmas wreath that can be hung up on your door for all to see? This activity is easy, fun, and brings out the creativity in your child.


Cut Out the Middle of the Paper Plate
Using your scissors, cut out the center of the paper plate to create a wreath base. This is where your preschooler's creativity can come into play, as they can choose the size of the hole to create a unique look.

Cut and Glue the Green Streamer Pieces to the Plate or Wrap It.
Next, cut or tear pieces of the green streamer into small squares. Have your preschooler attach the green streamer pieces to the paper plate or help them wrap the streamer around the plate.  This helps to cover all of the white on the plate.  You can also paint the plate. This step is perfect for building fine motor skills and learning colors.

One of my kids glued the streamer pieces to the plate and the other one wrapped the plate.  
If you decide to glue the streamer pieces to the plate, you can put glue in a small dish, give your child a paintbrush, and let them paint on the glue.

Gluing on the Leaf-Like Pieces
Next, you are going to add more green streamer pieces to the wreath but this time you are going to make them pop out!

  • Have your child crumble the streamer pieces, dip them in glue, and put them on the wreath. 
  • Have your child wrap the streamer pieces around their finger, dip them in glue, and put them on the wreath.
  • Have your child put the streamer pieces around the eraser end of a pencil, dip them in glue, and put them on the wreath.
  • You can for them streamer pieces and let your child dip them and place them on the wreath.

Read my blog post: JUST A DOT, NOT A LOT to help your child use less glue.
Glue Pom Poms to the Wreath
Have your child glue the shiny pom pom balls randomly around the wreath.

Trace and Cut Out Hands on Red Paper
Take a piece of red paper and trace two hands onto it with a pencil. Then, cut them out with scissors. 

Glue the Handprints to the Wreath
Have your preschooler glue the handprints to the bottom of the wreath with their wrists touching and their fingers pointing outward. This creates a festive touch to the wreath and adds a sentimental value as well.  You can add some pom poms to the center of your hands or add a ribbon.

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