Teaching preschoolers calendar skills can be a daunting task, but it's an essential life-long skill. These beginning-of-the-month activities are an exciting and fun way to teach your preschooler the importance of the calendar. They will learn counting, reading, and writing, and gain confidence as they practice with the calendar month after month. 

Let's dive in!

Start by printing out the blank monthly calendars

Activity Ideas
Activities can be done with or without the assistance of the parent.  They can also be done completely by the parent while the child watches.

The Month
What month is it?  Sound out and read the month.  
How many months are in a year?  What number month is this month?
Do you know what season this month is in?  Talk about the seasons.  What is the weather normally like during this month?
What birthdays do we celebrate during this month?
What holidays are this month?  What do you know about that holiday?
How many days are in this month?
What day of the week does this month start?
After writing in the days, count them.

Make sure to sing the days of the week and the months of the year songs!

Draw a Picture
Have your child draw a picture that represents the month, such as colorful fall leaves in November or a beach scene in July. 

The Year
Write the year at the top of the calendar.
Talk about how every time the 12 months pass, the year changes. 
Write the days of the month on the calendar.

Calendar Breakdown
Do a quick overview of the calendar when you are finished.  
Point to the days, the month, and the year.

Events and Holidays
What events and/or holidays are happening this month? 
Draw pictures for holidays, vacations, birthdays, recurring events, etc.
You can add main events to the calendar and revisit it weekly to fill in that week's events.  
Count the days until an event. For any events your child is extra excited about, make a paper chain for it.

The DAYS OF THE WEEK and MONTHS OF THE YEAR posters are super helpful to have up while doing the beginning of the month activities.
Practice these activities with your preschooler regularly and you will be amazed at how well they start to pick up on elementary calendar concepts. 

Xx Jeni



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