Watercolors are the go-to art choice for kids, known for their bright colors and dreamy effects. But let's be real, they can get messy with preschoolers. That's where watercolor brush pens save the day! They make painting easy and fun for even the tiniest artists. 

Keep reading to see why these pens are a hit in preschool art, their learning perks, and cool tips for maximum fun!

What are they and how do you use them?
I was looking around on Amazon for art supplies when I came across these watercolor brush pens and I thought they were so cool!  

You fill the handle with water, dip the brush in the watercolor, and paint.  Then squeeze the handle for more water. I dipped the brush in water and wiped it on a paper towel when I wanted a new color.  

My Thoughts...
Overall, I felt like it was less of a mess to paint with watercolors using these pens and it was more fun.   Typically, at least in my situation, we used way too much water and the paintings were less defined.  Plus, using too much water will mess up the paper.  


Benefits of Watercolor Brush Pens for Preschoolers
Mess-Free Creativity
These pens minimize the usual water and color sloshes associated with watercolors, ensuring a significantly cleaner art experience for both children and supervisors. 

Fine Motor Skill Development
Handling the brushes helps kids improve fine motor skills. By playing around with the brush pen to create different line thicknesses and paint saturation, preschoolers are working out their motor skills - a key part of their brain development.

Easy to Use for Young Children
The brush pens are super easy to use, making watercolor painting doable even for really young kids. With the simple dip-and-paint or squeeze-the-handle method, young children can dive into the world of colors without the hassle of traditional watercolor mess.

Educational Value
Enhancing Creativity and Imagination
Watercolors let preschoolers play with colors and shapes in a relaxed way.  In this setting, they're more apt to try new things, sparking a lifelong passion for art and creativity.

Teaching Color Theory and Blending
Watercolor brush pens offer a cool way to teach color theory to little artists. By layering and blending colors, kids get to see the magic of creating new colors up close. This hands-on color mixing is not just fun, but also makes learning more engaging!

Incorporating into Educational Activities
Watercolor brush pens are not just for free painting; they can be an invaluable addition to various educational activities. From color identification and simple patterning to themed projects, the pens can bring a burst of color to any lesson plan, making learning more engaging and memorable.

Preschoolers can learn responsibility by helping to keep their art supplies organized and well-cared for. Ensuring that watercolor brush pens are stored correctly—cap tightly secured, brush head clean and dry—extends their lifespan and ready-for-use condition.

Tips for Using Watercolor Brush Pens with Preschoolers
Supervision and Guidance
While watercolor brush pens are considerably less messy than their traditional counterparts, adult supervision is still necessary. It's important to teach children that while creativity is not limited, the materials used still require care.

Join in on the Fun!
Like any activity, children learn best by watching and imitating those around them. Not only does it give parents a chance to bond with their child, but also allows for an opportunity to demonstrate proper brush pen techniques and care.  It's also a huge stress reliever!  

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So why wait? Incorporate watercolor brush pens into your classroom today and watch as your students' creativity and love for art blossom. 

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